Rider registration


  • 1. When registration opens, fill out the first form with your name and email. We’ll collect your timing entry so that we can process the fastest registrations. Proceed to fill out the second form – you have thirty minutes to complete this.
  • 2. After registration you’ll get an email - check SPAM box! This email is just a confirmation that we got your registration process and timing entry but it doesn’t mean you were one of the fastest.
  • 3. If you were one of the fastest you’ll get an email with payment information. You have to send visual payment proof (print-screen, PDF from your bank or other method) in 48 hours time. After sending payment proof we’ll confirm your registration and you are in the race! Your entry will be finalized and confirmed when payment lands in our account – which can take up to a week.
  • 4. If you weren’t one of the fastest you’ll get an email informing that you are on the waiting list. If a racer that was faster than you does not send payment proof in 48 hours time you’ll be informed shortly after. This has happened in the past so don’t loose hope!
  • 5. If this happens, you’ll have to send payment proof in 48 hours time or you’ll loose your spot.


  • 1. Bank transfer is the only payment method. We do not accept PayPal or other payment methods. After registration and confirmation of being one of the fastest, which should happen in a week time after registration opens, payment proof needs to be sent in 48 hours time after you get payment information email.
  • 2. From the moment your registration is complete, paid and confirmed, we do not accept cancelations or make any type of refunds.
  • 3. We strongly advise you to purchase travel insurance where you can include your expenses in case you can’t attend the race. In case you can’t attend the race and need to activate the insurance we’ll get your invoice to confirm your payment.
  • 4. You are responsible for assuming all extra payments from your bank, including exchange rates and bank processing fees.
  • 5. Your entry is transferable till 15th march 2020, with an extra fee of 100€ that can be paid on registration day or via bank transfer. If you wish to transfer your entry to another racer, you need to inform the organizers. It’s your duty to find that racer. Entry transfers and payment arrangements should be done between racers. After that date your entry is not transferable.
  • 6. We have an event cancelation policy, which means that organizers reserve the right to cancel the event if there aren’t enough riders to satisfy production costs. If that happens, you’ll be fully refunded! We advise you to not book flights before the 10th January 2020, after we confirm all registrations and do the final communication. In case of confirmation of the event before that date you’ll be contacted via email.
  • 7. On location you’ll be asked to sign a responsibility term and waiver of liability form about acknowledging the risks of mountain bike racing and exonerating the organizers and its sponsors. You won’t be able to compete without signing this.
  • 8. The organizers reserve the right to cancel stages due to unexpected or extreme weather conditions that could put racers in risk.
  • 9. All event communication is done via email, that being the official way to reach out competitors. We strongly advise you to add [email protected] to your contacts and check SPAM box. We’re not responsible if a racer does not check information sent.

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Regulamento Particular Trans Madeira 2020

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