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For the past fifteen years, Madeira, a Portuguese Island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean has been carving its way to become one of the best mountain bike destinations on the planet. Big mountains, beautiful landscapes, a unique diversity of terrain, delicious food, warm weather all year round and over 600 years of history makes Madeira the ultimate adventure destination with enough reasons to add it to your bucket list! Combine all of this with some of the most unique mountain bike trails and you’ve got yourself a ride to remember!

This event goes back to our origins as mountain bikers, exploring our forests and sharing our passion, trails and the place we call home with riders from all around the World. Welcome to Trans Madeira.

The race

Trans Madeira combines the best things the island has to offer with five days of racing in the World’s most diverse terrain, exploring all four corners of the island, starting high in the mountains and finishing down at the ocean. There will be two editions in 2024, from 21st to 25th may 2024 (Summer) and from 17th to 21st september 2024 (Autumn).

Get ready for 220km of riding, 30 special stages, exploring North, South, East and West in one mega week! Expect to ride different kinds of terrain from stage to stage, explore some of the most iconic singletracks on the island in a bike camp adventure and stress-free race!

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What to expect

A daily average of 3200m descent and 1250m ascent and between 4 to 7 special stages. There will be some days with some extra shuttle assistance so that you can cover much more trails and enjoy the riding. This is a mountain bike race open to everyone but also an adventure of what the island is all about. You have ahead of you 30 special stages in a 220km route, divided into 5 days of racing in some of the most iconic locations of Madeira.

The ‘Pearl of the Atlantic’ is known to have the World’s most diverse terrain, which will make you feel you’re riding on a different country on every special stage – no kidding! The adventure of racing in Madeira will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, new friendships and make you step out of your comfort zone.



  • I want to race the event with a couple of friends. Is that possible?
    Yes! During registration there’s a field on the second step where you can add the name of your friends. This will help us to assign you together. Keep in mind that each one of you needs to fill up a form individually when registration opens.
  • What’s the registration criteria?
    Be fast to secure a spot! Simple as that. Registration opens on the 1st November, 10:00 (GMT)!


  • What do I need to pack for the race?
    After registration is complete we send monthly newsletters with all details including a recommended packing list. It’s essential to bring a sleeping bag, headlight, rain jacket, backpack, multi-tool and enough riding clothes to cover four seasons in one day. We recommend you to bring specific parts for your bike and spares.
  • How much luggage should I bring?
    One travel bag per person – ideally a large 23kg duffel bag.
  • Where are the bike camps located and what are the conditions?
    There will be four different bike camps, all located at low altitude. Each rider has an individual tent with thick mattress inside. You’ll have access to showers, power supply, toilets and basic camp conditions. Keep in mind that camping is part of the adventure. We do our best to guarantee your comfort!
  • Will I be able to charge my electronic devices?
    We have a movable charging station available at camps where you’ll be able to charge your phones, cameras and gps. Space is limited and we can’t guarantee a charging spot for you. We recommend you to bring a heavy-duty power bank so that you can charge your devices along the race week.
  • Will I have access to my bike box during the race?
    No! You will only have access to your bike box on registration day (till 22:00h) and then when you arrive to the finish line hotel.
  • What if I need to travel back to my country or need to access my bike box before the last night?
    In this case you’ll need to make your own arrangements to get your bike box and move to the airport.
  • How many meals we have per day?
    We have planned four meals per day, which includes breakfast, lunch, snack at camp and dinner. There are food zones along the course to keep your energy up!
  • I’m vegetarian or have food intolerance. Is there a meal plan for these situations?
    Yes! Our kitchen staff will work their way to adapt to your needs. Although we’ll do our best to fit your dietary requirements, riders with specific food intolerances should make their own preparations in advance.


  • How many hours will I spend on the bike per day?
    There are days that will be harder than others but expect between 6 to 8 hours on the bike each day. Anticipate hike-a-bike, pushing, a couple long pedalling and steep transitions, some long and technical descents. Take this race seriously as it will be a hard but rewarding journey!
  • Is this event only for pro riders?
    Not at all! On average only 7% of the racers were pro riders, making this event a race for everyone.
  • Are E-bikes allowed on this race
    No. You can’t race this event with an E-bike.
  • Can I skip a day of racing?
    Yes. You can skip a day of racing but you won’t have race results for that day or total race time at the end of the five days.
  • How does timing work?
    You’ll be assigned a timing chip from Sport Ident - included in your registration fee – using the same Enduro World Series system to time your special stages. If you lose your timing chip we’ll be able to assign you a new one but you’ll need to pay the one your lost (70€).
  • Are there cut-off times?
    For safety reasons we may have cut-off times on certain points of the route but there are no liaison times. This is a very relaxed race where you can ride along with your buddies and enjoy every bit!
  • What sort of weather should I expect?
    There’s no easy answer for this so be prepared for a bit of everything. Madeira is known to have four seasons in one day... so, expect the unexpected.
  • How physical and technical is this event?
    You’ll be riding from 35km to 60km per day, which includes special stages and liaisons. You should have a good mountain biking background so that you can enjoy the riding and the adventure the best way possible! After you get your registration confirmed you have six months to get fit and ready!
  • When do I have access to the route?
    The route is only revealed on registration day on the event briefing and presentation. That’s where you’ll find what’s ahead for the next five days of racing!
  • Are there mechanics at camps?
    Yes! We work with local bike shops and mechanics that can provide a wide range of services to make your experience better! Their mission is to get your bike to the finish line. Charges and fees not included.


  • Which airport should I travel to?
    Funchal Airport (FNC). We recommend you to make a reservation for your bike traveling as soon you book your flight.
  • What about timings for arrival and departure?
    After registration we'll communicate via newsletter all informations regarding flights and a suggested travel plan. Ideally you should plan to arrive to Madeira ate least one day before registration day (20th May for Summer edition / 16th September for Autumn edition).


  • What’s the safety plan on course and camps?
    We have a medical crew that pretty much follows the event, starting from breakfast and staying until dinner. This team make decisions and help you during the race so that you feel safe in moving forward. If you need treatment they’ll follow up your case from one day to the other. On trails we have staff that makes the connection with our race director that then coordinates all safety procedures with the official entities on the island and with our own medical team.
  • What about personal accident insurance?
    It’s mandatory to have personal accident insurance that covers mountain bike racing. You can have yours or we can provide personal accident insurance for this event as an extra for your entry fee.

Have any other questions? Send us an email!
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There’s only one race package available to 140 riders per edition that includes everything from the moment you land on the island. We pretty much take care of you for one week so that you don’t need to worry about anything else. Just ride your bike and have a good time!


Five nights tent and one night in a five stars hotel


Breakfast, food-zones, after race snack and dinner


Arrival and departures transfers from / to airport or Funchal


A medic team following the race and bike camps


Access to photos produced during the event


Baggage, bike box transportation and shuttles


Gifts from our sponsors and from the event


Timing chip and end of the day results available

Package value: 1990 €

Registrations are now open!

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