4th to 8th of June 2019


Enduro mountain biking is the ultimate way to get to new locations, explore new trails and to live life on a different pace. Since the last ten years, Madeira Island, a Portuguese island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, has been growing exponentially in terms of adventure sports, with enduro leading the way to new target audiences on a global scale. Big mountains, beautiful landscapes, warm weather all year round, delicious food and over 500 years culture makes Madeira one of the top locations for mountain biking 365 days per year. Since May 2017, Madeira reached the industry top spot, when Freeride Madeira and Clube Caniço Riders organized the Enduro World Series round three, where more than 370 racers visited the island to race and compete in what they consider the World’s most diverse terrain.

A couple months later, we’re back to our origins as mountain bikers, looking for old paths that connect the island west to east and south to north. Exploring the four corners on five days on a mountain bike, starting high in the mountains and finishing each and every single day down the ocean. That’s when everything made perfect sense and that’s when Trans Madeira become a reality. In 2018 we organized the first edition of Trans Madeira and we’re looking forward to make it happen again in the future!

The race

Trans Madeira is an enduro mountain bike adventure that will get the best out of you, scheduled from 4th to 8th of June 2019. Five days of racing, more than 200km covered, over 25 special stages, limited 120 riders. East to west and south to north, all four corners of Madeira in one unique event. You can expect to ride different kinds of terrains and explore unique singletracks in a bike camp adventure style race with no transition times.

Madeira map

In 2018 we organized the first edition of the race, welcoming 120 riders from 26 nationalities! Although Ines Thoma and Emanuel Pombo took the win in the main categories, the feedback we got from other racers was just incredible and that’s why we’re launching the second edition!


Check the 2018 results here

Trans Madeira Routine

You will be riding in four different locations and racing in different kinds of terrain every single day! For a typical Trans Madeira, you can expect this kind of routine: wake up, reinforced breakfast, shuttle or pedal to the top, four to nine stages, finish the day with free beer and barbecue at sea level altitude (except for one day), check your results. Wash your bike, go for a swim, take a shower, have dinner, attend briefing and go back to sleep! Repeat everything for the next couple days!


  • What do I need to pack for the race?
    It’s essential to bring your sleeping bag (average temperature June in Madeira is 21ºC – but it can get cold at night), headlight, rain jacket, backpack, and multi-tool. We would recommend you to bring specific parts for your bike and spares.
  • How much luggage should I bring?
    One travel bag per person! We recommend it to be a duffel bag! Please, please, please – get everything on a single bag and don’t have stuff hanging around!
  • How many hours will I spend on the bike per day?
    There are days that will be harder than others but expect between 4 to 7 hours on the bike each day. Expect hike-a-bike sections, a couple long pedalling and steep transitions, some long and technical descents.
  • Will I have access to my bike box during the race?
    No. You will only have access to your bike box on the 3rd of June (till 22:30h) and from 8th of June on the arrival area.
  • Which airport should I travel to?
    Funchal Airport (FNC). We recommend you to make a reservation for your bike traveling as soon you book your flight.
  • What about timings for arrival and departure?
    According to our experience you should arrive on the 3rd June before 18:00h so that you can have time to set up your bike, have dinner and attend briefing. For departure, we recommend it to be on the 9th June after 09:00h.
  • I’m vegetarian or have food intolerance. Is there a meal plan for these situations?
    Yes. We ask you to inform us your intolerances so that we can adapt to your needs the best way possible! We’ll do our best!
  • Where are the bike camps located and what are the conditions?
    There will be four different bike camps, three located at 0 meters altitude and one high in the mountains. You’ll have access to showers, power supply and basic camp conditions.
  • Are e-bikes allowed on this race?
    No. You can’t race this event with an e-bike.
  • What if I get hurt during the race but don’t mind staying in Madeira till last night?
    If you get hurt and decide to step out of the race we’ll transport you, your bike and baggage to the next bike camp until the last one. We’ll do our best to adapt to your needs and make sure you have a good time.
  • What if I need to travel back to my country before the last night?
    In this case we’ll have to make a new plan to fit your needs and there will be extra costs depending on the situation.
  • Can I skip a day of racing?
    Yes. You can skip a day of racing but you won’t have race results for that day or total race time at the end of the five days.

What to expect

An average of 2300m descent and 1300m ascent per day, between 4 to 9 stages per day. There will be some days with shuttle assistance so that you can cover much more trails and enjoy the riding, even so, it will be hard and memorable. You’ll race over 25 special stages in some of the most iconic locations of Madeira and share those trails with some of the fastest racers on the planet! There’s only one race package available to 120 riders that includes everything from the moment you arrive to Madeira Island (FNC airport). As bike holidays experts we will offer you an experience of Madeira like no other that will take you to ride and race some of the most magical trails of Madeira! Trans Madeira mixes the best things about mountain biking, combining adventure with racing!



Five nights tent and one night in a four stars hotel



Breakfast, lunch, light barbecue after race and dinner



Arrival and departure from FNC Airport



Hopefully no one will need to use this one



Access to photos produced during the event



Baggage, bike box transportation and shuttles



Gifts from our sponsors and from the event



Fastest man and fastest woman take it home!

And more!

  • Custom number plate
  • Access to coffee espresso machines
  • Wifi on certain locations
  • Access to Food Zones with gluten free area
  • Professional course marking
  • Chill zone with music at the end of each race day
  • Medical assistance during the event
  • Access to results on location and online
  • Professional mechanics on location at the end of each day
  • Access to Snack and Drinks bar
  • Timing chip from Sport Ident included
  • Two beers per day – after downloading timing chip!
  • Access to charging area

ACCOMMODATION: From 3rd to 8th of June you’ll be sleeping on the event Bike Camps, which means you’ll be staying on an individual tent, big enough to fit two persons. You’ll also have a pillow and a sleeping mat. All you have to bring is your sleeping bag. From 8th to 9th of June you’ll be sleeping on a four stars hotel located on the West side of Madeira.

FOOD: Four complete meals included in your race package. There will be breakfast every day before race start that includes porridge (nuts, honey, raisins, milk, etc.), fresh fruit variety (bananas, oranges, apples), variety of bread (cheese, ham, jam, etc.). You’ll take a lunch pack with you that includes a sandwich and an energy bar. Once you arrive back to camp, there’s barbecue or pasta so that you can refuel before dinner. Last, but not least, dinner – where you can have a taste of what Madeira is all about!

AIRPORT TRANSFERS AND PICK-UPS: We recommend you to arrive to Funchal Airport (FNC) on the 3rd of June – arrivals should before 18:00h in order to you to have time to have dinner, get your bike ready and relax. If you arrive on the 3rd of June your transfer will be directly to first bike camp.
If you decide to arrive earlier than 3rd of June you'll need to book your accommodation and extra transfers until 3rd June. We recommend you to stay in Funchal - main city. We offer three different pick-up locations and you should book your accommodation near it. Check the links below.

For departures, you should schedule flights for the 9th of June – we recommend departure to be after 09:00h. If you decide to leave after that date we’ll transport you to one of the locations above, all on the 3rd of June. After that you'll have to book your own accommodation and airport transfers.
NOTE: extra transfers should be booked directly with Freeride Madeira – [email protected]

RACE INSURANCE: You don’t need to have your own insurance to race Trans Madeira as it is included in the race package. In case you need to activate the race insurance, there’s a deductible. You’ll have to sign a document confirming that you agree with the terms of insurance presented to you.

LOGISTICS: Your bag will be transported to each new Bike Camp area. You will only have access to your bike bag / bike box on the first day and on the last day. Make sure you have everything you need for the race with you!

FOOD ZONES: During race days, there will be one or two feed zones where you can re-fuel energy for the rest of the adventure. Fresh water, nuts, fruit, honey cake, gums, juices, peanuts, chips, etc. This area got super good feedback so expect it to be better!

MECHANICS: There will be a professional mechanic on the Bike Camp for a couple hours per day and there will be spare parts available for pursache. There’s a service fee if you want to use their services.

SNACKS AND DRINKS BAR: There will be a movable bar that has beer, poncha and soft drinks for purchase.

CHARGING AREA: You’ll be able to charge your phone, cameras and gadgets on specific locations. Bring all your cables! We’ll do our best to make sure you have enough energy!


Registration for second edition of Trans Madeira is now closed! If you want to join our waiting list or get more news about next editions, please fill the form below. We'll register your email. Hope you can join us for a ride in the near future.

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