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Registration steps

  1. Registration for 2024 has three steps to complete. When registration opens go ahead and fill up the first step with your name and email. As registration is based on first come first serve, we’ll collect your entry timing using the first step. From this point forward you’ll have 30 minutes to complete the next two steps. Proceed to fill up the second step which asks for personal details (date of birth, nationality, race plate name, emergency contact, social media information, etc.). The third step is all about the extras (personal accident insurance, extra jersey, tent upgrade, trip-cancellation insurance…).
  2. After registration you’ll get an email – check SPAM box! This email is just a confirmation that we got your registration process and timing entry but it doesn’t mean you were one of the fastest.
  3. If you were one of the fastest you’ll get an email with payment information. You have to send visual payment proof (print-screen, PDF from your bank or other method) in 48 hours time. After sending payment proof we’ll confirm your registration and you are in the race! Your entry will be finalized and confirmed when payment lands in our account – please be patient as we process the entries.
  4. If you weren’t one of the fastest you’ll get an email informing that you are on the waiting list. If a racer that was faster than you does not send payment proof in 48 hours time you’ll be informed shortly after. This has happened in the past so don’t lose hope! If this happens, you’ll have to send payment proof in 48 hours time or you’ll lose your spot.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Bank transfer is the only payment method. After registration and confirmation of being one of the fastest payment proof needs to be sent in 48 hours time after you get payment information email.
  2. From the moment your registration is complete, paid and confirmed, we do not make any type of refunds except if you purchase trip-cancelation insurance.
  3. We strongly advise you to purchase trip-cancelation insurance which is only available on the third step of the registration form. This will allow you to get a refund of the entry fee under certain conditions. In case of accident, injury, sickness, work related issues or any other reason you can claim back your payment without any justification. This is not exchangeable with other riders. Read more about this on extras and upgrades below.
  4. Your entry is not exchangeable with other riders or for future editions.
  5. You are responsible for assuming all extra payments from your bank, including exchange rates and bank processing fees.
  6. Each edition is organized separately. If you don’t show up on registration day (even if you have a trip-cancelation insurance) you won’t be able to claim a refund.
  7. We have an event cancelation policy, which means that organisers reserve the right to cancel the event if there aren’t enough riders to satisfy production costs. If that happens, you’ll be fully refunded.
  8. On location you’ll be asked to sign a responsibility term and waiver of liability form about acknowledging the risks of mountain bike racing and exonerating the organisers. You will also need to provide confirmation that you have personal accident insurance for the time frame of the event.
  9. All event communication is done via email, that being the official way to reach out competitors. We strongly advise you to add [email protected] to your contacts and check SPAM box. We’re not responsible if a racer does not check the informations sent.
  10. Organisers have the right to cancel special stages due to safety or weather issues or other unpredictable situations. In case of weather alerts from regional civil protection entities, organisers will be forced to comply with the requests immediately.

Extras and Upgrades

Find out more about the extras and upgrades available for 2024 editions.

TRIP-CANCELATION INSURANCE (150 €): We highly recommend you to purchase a trip-cancelation insurance, which allows you to cancel your entry and get a refund under the conditions below minus the trip-cancelation insurance value. You’ll be able to cancel your entry for any reason and without justification (injury, sickness, work related issues…) with the following conditions:

  • Until 120 days before registration day: 100% refund (- 150€ of the insurance)
  • Until 60 days before registration day: 80% refund (- 150€ of the insurance)
  • Until 30 days before registration day: 60% refund (- 150€ of the insurance)
  • Less than 30 days before registration day: 50% refund (-150€ of the insurance)
  • No show on registration day: no refund

Time frame to be used for these conditions is based on the event location. Refund is done via bank transfer until two weeks after your claim. This insurance is not exchangeable with other racers. Riders without trip-cancelation insurance won’t be able to claim a refund under these or other conditions. You can also subscribe to an insurance outside this method. We’ll provide you with an invoice / receipt to proof to your insurance company your payment of the entry fee as well as other documents needed to proof you didn’t attend the event.

Example: You can’t come to the event for any reason 70 days before the event, you’ll get a refund of 80% of the entry fee – 150€ (trip-cancelation insurance value).

PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE (100€): Every rider needs to have personal accident insurance that covers five days of racing. The insurance we have available covers 10.000€ of medical expenses with 120€ deductible. Insurance is mandatory for the event but you’re free to look for other options and present it on registration.

TENT UPGRADE (250€): Get extra space for your race week! Instead of staying on a two-person tent, get a three-person tent.

EXTRA NUMBER PLATE (10€): Sometimes your number plate gets damaged during the event and you want to take home a souvenir. Get an extra number plate on registration day.

EXTRA JERSEY (40€): You’ll get a free Trans Madeira jersey on registration day but you can add one more in advance.

EVENT T-SHIRT (15€)Official event t-shirt delivered on registration day.

EVENT KIT – T-SHIRT AND SOCKS (25€): Official event t-shirt and pair of socks so that you look ready to get things rolling!

Notes on what’s included



ACCOMMODATION: From 20th to 25th of May (SE) / 16th of September to 21st September (AE) you’ll be sleeping on the event bike camps on individual tent which also includes a thick and comfortable sleeping mattress. From 25th to 26th of May (SE) / 21st to 22nd September (AE) you’ll be sleeping on na hotel located on the West side of Madeira – double rooms only. If you’re racing with a friend, husband, wife or family member we’ll make arrangements to make sure you stay together. If you’re racing alone we’ll assign rooms with other fellow racers. No individual rooms available.

FOOD: Four meals per day included in your race package. There will be breakfast before race starts, followed by access to food zones along the course. Once you arrive back to camp, there’s a snack (burger, hot-dog, salad…) so that you can refuel before dinner. Last, but not least, dinner – where you can have a taste of what Madeira is all about!

TRANSFERS: Transfers included in your race package are only available on certain dates: one day before the event starts and one day after the event finishes. These transfers are from / to Freeride Madeira or Airport (FNC). Check below the transfers included.


20th May: transfer from Freeride Madeira or Airport to bike camp

26th May: transfer from finish line hotel to Freeride Madeira or Airport


16th September: transfer from Freeride Madeira or Airport to bike camp

22nd September: transfer from finish line hotel to Freeride Madeira or Airport

If you arrive before or depart after these dates you’ll have to book extra transfers and extra accommodation. We’ll send more informations via newsletter after registration so that you can plan your trip easier. For extra transfers you can request a quote to Freeride Madeira.

LOGISTICS: Your bag will be transported when we move camp. The bike bag will be transported to finish line hotel and you only have access when you finish the event. All transportation during the event, shuttling and bike transportation is included in your race package.

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